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Product Description


  • Max 6 drinkers for broilers are available in two models:
    • TL drinkers for Ziggity twin lock systems
    • Active drinkers for single/J-Lock systems

Both TL and Active Max 6 drinkers are easy to install and are built with high-quality components. As an added guarantee of quality, Max
6 drinkers carry a 10-year, prorated warranty — from the only company in the world that is focused exclusively on watering systems for poultry. Birds, litter and drinkers simply perform better. DRINKERS FOR BROILERS © 2019

Ziggity Systems TL Max 6 drinkers consistently achieve the best overall performance in head-to-head field comparisons, even in heavy bird operations. Ziggity’s exclusive Twin Lock feature assures the drinkers are never accidentally dislodged from the saddle.

Broilers specially designed Ziggity watering systems provide broilers with the right amount of water without spillage at every stage of growth.

Easy to activate side-to-side drinkers enable day old, as well as 10 lb / 4.5kg birds to get all the fresh, sanitary water they need throughout the production cycle.


At Ziggity, we know that even a small improvement in bird performance can have a significant effect on profits. Our top-performing Max 6 drinkers deliver that difference thanks to their advanced technology and design. If you are looking for excellent broiler performance, dry litter and drinkers designed specifically for the way birds drink, you need the Max 6 drinkers from Ziggity.

In grow out after grow out, results prove that Ziggity Max 6 drinkers consistently produce not just great but exceptional performance in every category — bird weight, feed conversion, liability and undergrads. That’s because Max 6 drinkers are designed to deliver all the hygienic water birds need to thrive and stay healthy.

Unlike other products, Max 6 drinkers don’t discharge an oversupply of water that causes wet litter and pod dermatitis problems; simply better. In head-to-head field comparisons, Max 6 drinkers have consistently achieved the best overall performance, even in heavy bird operations. And because litter remains dry, heating and ventilation costs are much lower. End result: higher revenue, lower costs, greater profit. It all adds up. Delivers the right amount of water in long poultry houses.

Twin-lock (TL) drinkers attached to Ziggity’s larger diameter Big Ace 33.3 mm (1.31 in) PVC pipe provide birds with all the hygienic water they need, even in the longest watering systems.


  • Front width 1000 mm (39”)
  • Height 390 mm (15”)
  • Depth 630 or 710 mm (25 – 28”) – depending on priority of feed through space or the total number of pullets
  • Floor mesh 19 x 19 mm (¾ x ¾”)
  • Length of modular cage section 2004 mm (79”)
  • Double zinc coating optional
  • Floor supported on all four sides without intermediate rods underneath
  • Metal access points to feed trough are rounded
  • Cages of all tiers have and equal design – tier can be used for day-old chicks
  • Sturdy construction and a high standard of material
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