Reliance cages are design to reduce floor space with maximum bird area

Product Description


  • Inside to inside trough: 1,15mm
  • Opening depth: 61.7cm.
  • Opening high: 43,5cm.
  • Total width of cage egg ledge to egg ledge: 1590mm
  • Length per unit: 2,45m
  • Height on three Tier: 2,140m
  • No back partition in opening. Bird have access to
    feed both sides of the cage.
  • One Motor and Gear box per Tier for the manure removal system.
  • Scrapper cleaning system per tier.
  • Tension and Idle mechanism
  • 1mm Feed Trough with supporting brackets
  • Floor Support for structural rigidity
  • Stepping Plate (Optional)

The cages come complete with the following equipment.

  • 3 Drinkers per opening.
  • 3 Drip cups to fit square pipes.
  • Horizontal Inter locking gates.

Feeding System

Gantry Feeding System

This system provides poultry with consistent and accurate food, ensuring that they get the necessary nutrients to grow and develop. A Feed dispensing cart installed over cage unit, fitted to guide rails on the bottom tier, allowing feed cart to travel along the cage row and dispensing feed into the feed trough. Gantry systems are available in 2 Tier, 3 Tier and 4 Tier. Park bays on both ends of cages. Automation is optional. Gantry can be pushed by hand or automated.

Chain Feeding System

Automated and timed feed including, hopper, drive unit, corner, trough and the feed chain can be used for any type of production, including layer breeders kept in cages, pullets from their first day of life and laying hens. The chain also feeds broiler breeders reared on the floor and is furthermore a great option in alternative egg production.

The chain is dragged inside the trough distributing the feed throughout the house at a specific speed to distribute the feed as quickly as possible.

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