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Product Description

Winches :

Reliance stocks hand winches with an exclusive system of friction braking. This system has a mechanism which causes the ratchet to brake automatically when loosening the rope, whether the operator is pulling, lifting or releasing the loads. This system ensures ease of operation and far greater safety for the operator

  • Rechargeable battery, works up to 10 hours
  • Low battery indicator
  • Weighs birds of up to 10 kg (accurate to 1 gram)
  • 5 – digit display
  • Displays average weight, number of birds weighed, standard deviation, uniformity
  • Memory for saving history
  • Stores data for up to 10,000 birds

Hand Winches:

Suitable for handling, suspension and traction of loads such as curtains, drinking fountains, feeders, line feeders and agricultural line implements.
They are available in various capacities and have friction locking system, which automatically locks the cable when it is loose, in the traction, suspension or release of loads.

Lifting Winch Model RG 1820 2000 – 3000lb
Product developed to suspend lines of automatic feeders with up to 80m.-150m in length
To suspend a load of 2000 lb on the first cable line with a 7 7/8″ lever it will be necessary to apply a driving force on the crank of approximately 11 lb.

  • Capacity: 2000 lb-3000 lb
  • Diameter of drum: 2″
  • Reduction: 20.5:1 Auto stop

Poultry Hand Winch 1015 Left
Hand winch used for handling, suspension and traction of loads, such as poultry curtains, drinkers and feeders to suspend a load of 1200 lb in the first line of steel cable with a handle of 7″ it will be necessary to apply a driving force in the crank of approximately 40 lbf.

  • Capacity: 1200 lb
  • Reduction: 4.5: 1
  • Diameter of drum: 2″
    Green: Colour

Master pulleys

  • 80mm master Pulley
  • Master cable suspension.

Swivel Eye Pulleys

  • 40mm
  • Drop cable suspension 
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