Eliturbo is an air mixer – destratificator able to evenly distribute both vertically and horizontally the temperature and humidity of the air inside large buildings and to reduce up to 40% the energy cost necessary for heating. Eliturbo employs a special helicentrifugal impeller, patented by Impresind, that generates the complete mixing of the air without producing annoying draughts for people and, unlike other fans – ceiling fans, it does not direct the air flow downwards and in concentrated areas, but distributes the air in a radial way with an almost imperceptible ventilation, complying to the safety and environmental hygiene standards..


Why choose Eliturbo


  • Large air recirculation thanks to the special patented impeller
  • It does not produce annoying draughts by guaranteeing an almost imperceptible ventilation at the people’s level
  • Distributes the air in all the building without the need for air ducts
  • Reduces the stratification of the air consequently saving up to 40% energy consumption for heating
  • Evenly distributes both vertically and horizontally the air temperature and humidity in all the building
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation

The exclusive mixing of the air produced by Eliturbo improves the air quality even during the summer season by increasing the air exchanges through windows and other openings, producing a constant and pleasant ventilation in the building.

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