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RPBS -1 fully portable, battery-operated bird scale is the convenient and user-friendly
solution for continually monitoring your flock’s growth and health:

  • Rechargeable battery, works up to 10 hours
  • Low battery indicator
  • Weighs birds of up to 10 kg (accurate to 1 gram)
  • 5 – digit display
  • Displays average weight, number of birds weighed, standard deviation, uniformity
  • Memory for saving history
  • Stores data for up to 10,000 birds


  • Large LCD graphic display, 40 x 16 characters
  • On screen help and graphs
  • Data plug for easy data transfer
  • Large friendly numeric keypad
  • Up to 40 heavy duty relays (1 HP)
  • Smart On/Off/Auto override switches
  • Battery backup option
  • Coordinated digital/ analog static pressure control
  • Eight independent heat zones
  • Precision fogger and cool cell cooling systems
  • Feed management with integrated overflow alarm and shutoff
  • Detailed alarm and event log
  • Complete remote communications with real time visual outlook
  • Two ventilation programs: the industry’s staged standard ventilation program, and Rotem’s advanced and dynamic precision
    ventilation real time visual outlook program

The Plus is suitable for growers who are seeking a first class controller with minimal programming, and for growers who would like precision power and to be involved in every programming detail. The Plus enables the grower to control wind chill, transitional ventilation details, and precisely adjust air flow in minimum ventilation. The Plus is always there to help the grower make the right decision in real time. It can handle power, natural, transitional and tunnel ventilation optimally.


  • Monitors and analyses climate conditions
  • Uses advanced electronic and humidity sensors
  • 20 output relays (each with its own fuse)
  • Up to 6 temperature sensors
  • Up to 3 electronic humidity sensors
  • Variable speed output (0 to 10 Volts)
  • Digital pulse inputs
  • Unique static pressure sensor (optional)
  • Communication port
  • Battery backup
  • Real-time clock
  • Un-erasable memory
  • Alarm system
  • User friendly
  • Flexibility in add-on capacity
  • Poultry scale
  • Feed scale
  • Water meter
  • Lighting control program
  • Wind direction
  • It gives the user the ability to maintain optimum conditions inside the house, thanks to the activation and deactivation of ventilation, heating or cooling devices (heaters, fans, curtains, etc.) according to parameters pre-set by the user.


State of the art and user friendly alarm and communication centre:

  • Alfa-numeric keypad
  • 20 character X 4 line LCD and indicative LED
  • Supports several communication sources and can link to any / all ROTEM controllers simultaneously
  • Plugs in voice solution, supports incoming and outgoing phone calls incase of alarms and status reports
  • Voice messages can be edited according to personal preference
  • Plug in analog modem can speed up to 56 Kbit with V.92; USB; data and voice functions
  • Plug in cellular modem (GSM / GPRS) providing two-way wireless capabilities via GSM services
  • Mobile originated and mobile terminated SMS messages
  • Pager support
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 3 dry contacts
  • Output relays 5 Amp
  • Battery backup