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  • Combines just the right mixture of gas and air for optimal burn and excellent heat coverage Accommodates liquid propane or natural gas at a low cost
  • One-piece burner and removable pilot cover
  • Easy maintenance for years of reliable operation
  • L.B. White Heaters are available in two models:
  • Variable output  250 (250,000 BTUH)
  • Variable output 325 (325.000 BTUH)
  • Can be mounted inside or outside any house
  • Constructed of tough, rust-resistant galvanized steel for long life and durability
  • Motor assembly, blower, gas valve, control panel and other components are protected from moisture, dirt and dust.


  • Sizes: 80kW; 150 kW; 220kW; 300kW
  • Custom sizes on request
  • Unit has a frame and no chassis on the ground – raised to prevent rust
  • In- and outlets are the same length and size for optimised airflow
  • No need to cut roof sheets or structure to fit, no height problems
  • Redesigned hopper holds enough coal for 12 hours
  • Air box with burner pot and auger is visible underneath the unit, easy to inspect
  • No need to switch unit off to cool down for inspection of auger and pot
  • Side doors for easy access to clean or maintain heater inside
  • Side panels are insulated to prevent loss of heat energy
  • Control panel easy to access, highly visible panel lights indicates status of heater.
  • Zenith temperature controller installed – easy to use and very reliable.


  • Reliability and usefulness proven over decades
  • Coal is the most affordable way to generate heat
  • Reliable option for large sites with three or more houses
  • Kettles are insulated to retain as much heat as possible
  • Hopper holds enough coal for 12 hours, no coal get stuck in corners
  • Water reservoir above the kettle regulates the water level of the kettle
  • Safety float switch with alarm installed to protect kettle against sudden drainage
  • High quality hot water pumps installed for good flow and pressure
  • High quality radiators used for heat transfer inside houses
  • Quick couplers installed on radiators for easy maintenance
  • High pressure hose connects radiators to steel pipes
  • Fan with extended cone on radiator for better air flow
  • Fan pulls air over radiator for optimised results
  • Socks can be connected to fan casing if needed
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