Product Description


  • Manufactured from special Kraft paper of pure cellulose impregnated with non-phonetic resins
  • Treated to guarantee high absorbent capability
  • Conferring mechanical resistance to make it rigid and self supporting
  • Panel is protected against possible algae and decomposition caused by water and air
  • Manufactured from special Kraft paper of pure cellulose impregnated with non-phonetic resins
  • Treated to guarantee high absorbent capability
  • Conferring mechanical resistance to make it rigid and self supporting
  • Panel is protected against possible algae and decomposition caused by water and air.


  • Reliance offers a full line of heating and ventilation equipment to efficiently and effectively maintain optimal environmental conditions:
  • Temperature control
  • Humidity level adjustment (high and low)
  • EM50n and EC52 further development from EM50 – ideal when extra high airflow capacity is required
  • Unique propeller design:
    • 6 blades
    • Statically and dynamically balanced for low noise and vibration
    • Self-cleaning and ensures highest efficiency
    • Available in stainless steel, galvanised steel and pre-coated galvanised steel
    • V-belt pulley (attached) made of die-cast aluminium with reinforced ribs which increase strength and improve aerodynamic efficiency
  • Square fan housing and air conveyor (venturi) made of strong galvanised sheet metal
  • High quality and excellent performance
  • Construction details and air tightness verified by BESS laboratory (Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Illinois – USA. All declared values are measured and certified by test #02333 and #02332)


Through the aerodynamic design of the new Reliance Fiberglass Cone Fan line, Reliance Ventilation can offer the market a fiberglass cone fan line, which sets a new ventilation standard focusing on the three most important fan parameters: air performance, fan efficiency and the air flow ratio.

Tunnel or length ventilated livestock buildings and greenhouses demand through higher product 18 performances also higher quantities of air. With durability and reliability as an asset, the Reliance Fiberglass Cone Fan line guarantees fresh air at low cost.


  • Airfoil fiberglass- reinforced impellers
  • All internal hardware is made of stainless steel and aluminium to ensure maximum corrosion protection
  • Maximum ambient temperature of 40 ˚C -50˚C
  • Belt tensioner mounted on the frame
  • Long lifetime bearings
  • Fan is belt driven(50″, 54″ and 56″)
  • Belt is adjustable and removable by 1 person
  • Direct drive versions available for 24″ and 36″
  • Materials resistant against aggressive climates
  • Heavy gauged rotomolded or galvanized discharge cone, stackable for logistic advantages
  • Extremely rugged and corrosion resistant casing
  • All materials are smoothly finished on both sides and protected by UV coating
  • Corrosion resistant PVC shutter


  • Maximal air performance
  • High efficiency
  • High durability
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Optimal aerodynamical air intake
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to clean for optimal hygiene


  • Reliance curtain machine maintains precise control of the environment in naturally ventilated buildings
  • Reliance inlet machine designed specifically for vent inlet static pressure control
  • Hardware included for cable or chain connection
  • Door hinges from top of cabinet so it will not be in the way for ceiling mount and can be left in place for most service items


  • Unique design for opening large ventilation doors
  • Crating optimal and well directed airflow in poultry houses
  • Includes rack arms arched and straight
  • Pinion system with hinge mounting plates



  • Inlet designed after extensive testing and research
  • Maximizes effective air flow in the poultry house
  • Deflector system is an optional feature that enables the user  to control the direction of the air flow. The deflector system can be adjusted with accuracy as it is provided with degree indication markings.


Reliance manufactures a rod mechanism that is controlled by our vent machine opening and closing the inlets as per the required static pressure.The system includes 6 mm rods and joiners, tension springs,  mounting plate fasteners and pulleys.

Ventilation of poultry houses can be made more economical with the increased airflow capacity of the Air Inlet. 


  • Combines just the right mixture of gas and air for optimal burn and excellent heat coverage Accommodates liquid propane or natural gas at a low cost
  • One-piece burner and removable pilot cover
  • Easy maintenance for years of reliable operation
  • L.B. White Heaters are available in two models:
  • Variable output  250 (250,000 BTUH)
  • Variable output 325 (325.000 BTUH)
  • Can be mounted inside or outside any house
  • Constructed of tough, rust-resistant galvanized steel for long life and durability
  • Motor assembly, blower, gas valve, control panel and other components are protected from moisture, dirt and dust.


  • Sizes: 150 kW; 220kW; 300kW
  • Custom sizes on request
  • Unit has a frame and no chassis on the ground – raised to prevent rust
  • In- and outlets are the same length and size for optimised airflow
  • No need to cut roof sheets or structure to fit, no height problems
  • Redesigned hopper holds enough coal for 12 hours
  • Air box with burner pot and auger is visible underneath the unit, easy to inspect
  • No need to switch unit off to cool down for inspection of auger and pot
  • Side doors for easy access to clean or maintain heater inside
  • Side panels are insulated to prevent loss of heat energy
  • Control panel easy to access, highly visible panel lights indicates status of heater.
  • Zenith temperature controller installed – easy to use and very reliable.


Airflow up to 10.000 m3/h

Eliturbo is an air mixer – destratificator able to evenly distribute both vertically and horizontally the temperature and humidity of the air inside large buildings and to reduce up to 40% the energy cost necessary for heating. Eliturbo employs a special helicentrifugal impeller, patented by Impresind, that generates the complete mixing of the air without producing annoying draughts for people and, unlike other fans – ceiling fans, it does not direct the air flow downwards and in concentrated areas, but distributes the air in a radial way with an almost imperceptible ventilation, complying to the safety and environmental hygiene standards..


The exclusive mixing of the air produced by Eliturbo improves the air quality even during the summer season by increasing the air exchanges through windows and other openings, producing a constant and pleasant ventilation in the building.

Without eliturbo the warm air accumulates toward the ceiling.

With eliturbo the warm air does not accumulate towards the ceiling.

Without eliturbo the warm air is not distributed evenly in the building.

With eliturbo the warm air is distributed evenly in the building.

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