Cages are Designed & Supplied at Reliance Poultry Equipment

Broiler Cage System

Our origins in the poultry industry started with the production of BROILER CAGE SYSTEMS for the poultry industry where after, we entered the design and production of layer and pullet cage systems as well as of the related ancillary equipment. Today, after 50 years from the production of our first broiler cages we are proud to launch our

Colony system features

  • Colony size 299 x 150 cm
  • Colony surface 44.850 sqcm
  • Sturdy construction, high standard
    material and galvanization is typical of all our products



  • Front width 1000 mm (39”)
  • Height 390 mm (15”)
  • Depth 630 or 710 mm (25 – 28”) – depending on priority of feed through space or the total number of pullets
  • Floor mesh 19 x 19 mm (¾ x ¾”)
  • Length of modular cage section 2004 mm (79”)
  • Double zinc coating optional
  • Floor supported on all four sides without intermediate rods underneath
  • Metal access points to feed trough are rounded
  • Cages of all tiers have and equal design – tier can be used for day-old chicks
  • Sturdy construction and a high standard of material



  • Cage plastic hook for partition: strengthens the wire partitions, supports the cage on the feed trough, protects birds and hands from sharp end of the wires.
  • Wire partition for excellent ventilation, heating and light conditions. Wire spaces are very narrow to reduce feathers pecking and loss.
  • Sliding door with horizontal rods 5 mm and safety lower guide. The locking system is built in one of the horizontal rods. Wide sliding door ensures easy access to the colony area.
  • Protection baffle to prevent birds reaching eggs on the collecting belts and to deflect eventual lumps of manure onto the belts. Optionally the baffle can be perforated for birds claws shortening.
  • Floating floor over longitudinal wires running from end to end of the house and supported on every partition, maintaining the floor plane but not stiff: all eggs roll onto the collecting belts without crowding in one spot and with reduced floor slope. All wire mesh parts are hot-dip zinc-coated. Some parts as cage floor or partitions or all wire mesh can be optionally supplied with double hot dip zinc-coating.
  • Egg collection on straight conveyors without telescopic units. Eggs can be transported for 200 m without intermediate transfers. Galvanized conveyor rods are standard but options of epoxy-coated or plastic coated rods are available.
  • Cleaning system consisting of polypropylene belt 1 mm thick with glossy surface, side rails raising and supporting continuously the belt sides, removable plastic manure deflectors above the two sides , and open sides on the top and return for better ventilation and manure drying.
  • Automatic pan feeding system with adjustment in height and feed quantity.
  • Automatic broiler collection with lift system and transportation of birds on conveyor to a single point.
  • The feed trough is 1 mm thick sheet metal with an outer rail for running feed hopper and antis pillage rim at the back side. The famous strength and the unique connection system to the vertical frames makes the whole structure very sturdy and maintains accuracy of feeding also after many years of heavy use.

    The Valli self supporting food trough is:

    • Fast as it improves fitter installation time
    • Reliable, durable and strong
    • Precise with extremely accurate feed distribution by the travelling feeders
    • Effective and versatile supporting the Valli inspection trolley which can also be used in the population or depopulation of the house
    • Economical due to reduced feed wastage
    • Safe with rounded outside corners and no sharp edges
    • Protective as the profiles act as a guardrail against damage during loading and unloading the birds.
    • Automatic drinking system, adjustable in height, nipples and drip cups.

    Nipple drinkers:

    • 360o side action, coloured nipple drinkers are used
    • Two stainless steel push action nipples (middle or opposite sides) are used; more can be installed on request
    • Drip cups mounted on square tube on request) for drier manure
    • Drip cups can be raised and lowered in all tiers
    • V-shaped drip collecting trough 70 mm is installed under the nipples on the cages without an air duct
    • Two winching systems operate the drinker lines in each starting tier. The winching system is durable and of high quality

    Optional lighting inside the colonies
    Optional inspection trolley