Welcome to Reliance Poultry Equipment

We are the leaders in poultry equipment manufacturing and distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa with over 3 decades of experience.


A-Frame Layer cages and Layer Cage automation.


Rearing equipment and nesting.


Pan Feeders, Augers and Silos.

Our factory capability is the refurbishment and upgrading of poultry equipment including electrical component refits. Part of the machinery includes a fully computerized turret punching machine, which enhances the precision capabilities and this offers the assurance that any product manufactured in the factory is delivered to the highest quality standards.

Reliance has since developed a broad base of customers throughout South and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Ziggity Broiler, Layer and breeder drinking systems


Breeder feeding systems.


Heating and cooling systems.

Poultry Supplies & Accessories

Reliance was founded in 1986 and initially distributed poultry cages, plastic broiler equipment and gas heaters to the farming community in South Africa. Reliance has since developed a broad base of customers throughout South and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers manufacturing and after sales service excellence. 

This is confirmed by our long list of loyal & committed customers.

Our factory has the required machinery to manufacture most styles and designs of poultry equipment ranging from nest boxes, hot air heaters, chain feeders, ventilation louver doors and cage systems. Various plastic moulds have also been acquired, which includes the chick master setter tray and the complete range of cyclone feeder pan moulds.

Our Factory

Broiler Breeder Equipment

  • Reliable, durable and strong
  • Precise with extremely accurate feed distribution. 
  • Economical due to reduced feed wastage
  • Safe with rounded outside corners and no sharp edges

Reliance Drinker Information

Join Reliance Poultry and learn about our products and services. The advice and information provided has been compiled from decades of field experience and the insights learned in helping to water birds throughout the world. We are not interested in common conventions but only what truly works in the real world.

When it comes to the measuring of bird performance, a number of steps apply. Adjust water pressure to achieve dry friable litter. Raise pressure gradually to promote water consumption while minimising water spillage. Please view video for more information.

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