Pressure Pro is an easy and straightforward management tool to help poultry producers maintain dry, friable litter conditions while simultaneously reducing labour costs. How? Simple – the Pressure Pro system adjusts the water pressure in all watering lines at the same time and in a matter of seconds. The result is elimination of hours of management time from every production cycle.

With the Pressure Pro system, the watering line regulator is mounted to a mechanical arm assembly that moves up and down. The arm assemblies in turn are connected to drop cables, which are connected to a main overhead cable which runs to a central wall mounted winch. A simple turn of the winch handle raises the height of every regulator in the house in relation to the watering line. As regulators are elevated above their watering lines, the force of gravity increases the pressure in the lines. The simple act of raising the height of the regulators increases the water pressure and in seconds every watering line in the house has been adjusted. The previous labour-intensive job of individually bending over to adjust each regulator is completely eliminated.

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Cut hours of costly water pressure adjustment labour time from every production cycle!


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