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  • 24 hole back to back  
  • Hot dipped galvanised frames 
  • Removable nest pad 
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Anti-perch roof brackets  
  • Extended litter board
  • Robust perches
  • Height fully adjustable 3 settings
  • Perch, frame and legs - hot dipped galvanize
  • Body structural 0.6 mm galvanize Plate Bottom
  • Plates 0.8 mm galvanize
  • Plate, perches top  2 x 25 mm square tube frame
  • Bottom 4 x 25 mm square tube
  • Litter board 160 mm high
  • Floor area - 300 x 300 mm square tube
  •  Anti perch supplied
  • Assembled with nuts and bolts


  • Superior comfort and animal welfare
  • Bird friendly expulsion system
  • Careful egg handling
  • Excellent hygiene
  • Labour saving, solid and durable
  • The easy disassembly and build-up of the nest allow thorough exceptional disinfection between two flocks
  • The perforated Astroturf nest pads optimise the air circulation and give the hens a natural feeling
  • Maximum air flow without causing draft in the nest
  • Removable bottom plate and back plate (optional for broiler breeders ) for hot climates
  • Optional: Easy full inspection through the simultaneous manual opening of the nest fronts
  • Optional: A warning light on each expulsion drive unit indicates if nests are open or closed


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