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  • Accurate system
  • Capability to blend feed ingredients
  • No motor used
  • Reliable and durable
  • Fast opening system (3.9T/h)
  • Read out of weighed bin content
  • Registration of: today’s consumption, yesterday’s consumption, total consumption 1 kind of feed
  • Water registration connectivity to PC
  • 10 - 60 kg dump scales
  • Supplied with mechanical counter
  • Bin mounting plates are available for easy mounting on hopper bin

Electronic Feed Scale

Rotem’s RFS-6 is a precision feed control system that allows the grower to precisely monitor feed flow into the house. It includes a feed scale, with the option of a water meter and a bird scale. These allow the controller to collect,display and save the feed consumption, water consumption and live bird weights for every day of the growth cycle.

The RFS-6 can be connected to a local PC, or via Modem.

Feed Scales