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  • Better management because of individual feed distribution from one line one way - six line two way
  • Speed of 18 - 32 m per minute
  • Enough space for the comb stepped pan + 10 individual places
  • Trough material: 1.2 mm, regular and medium wide
  • No sharp edges
  • Corners fitted with Teflon / nylon bushes 
  • Anti swing clamp
  • Stable pan pinch bracket
  • Stable line
  • The pan and line stay in position;  greedy birds do not push the pan away - equal chances for every bird
  • On legs or fully suspended - including winch system 
  • Legs can be supplied (hot dipped galvanised or epoxy coated) 
  • Corners of standard speed and high speed are supplied 
  • Hoppers can be supplied (epoxy coated or in pre-galvanised material) 
  • Various hopper capacities available

Breeder Feeding Systems